Friday, June 24, 2016


Though it sounds like a breakfast cereal, Brexit is a big deal.

All the world markets tanked--the Dow Jones was down 600 points! Even those who voted 'leave' were shocked that they won. The  pound sterling hit a 40 year low in exchange for other currency. Scotland voted 'stay' 68 to 32 percent--so the next Scottish 'leave Great Britian' vote might just pass. Europe is tearing her collective hair out and nobody, save Donald Trump, seems to think it's a good idea--short term OR long term. Even Northern Ireland, which voted 55-45 to stay might reconsider Irish unification.

In fact, that Donald Trump thinks it's a good idea makes it obvious that it isn't.

And it was a generation thing. 75% of those under 30 voted stay and 75% of those over 60 voted leave. Which of those groups has to live with the long term fall out of it all.

Trump was asked, less than a week ago, what he though of 'Br-exit' and he wasn't sure what it was until the interviewer said 'Britian leaving the European Union'.

But he thought it was great with almond milk and strawberries in the morning....

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