Thursday, February 20, 2020

I was too tired

OK, I was too tired after last night's Democratic Debate to write anything. I have my strength back now.

Bloomberg got destroyed by Elizabeth Warren. She ran him up one side and down the other. Good for her. She had a good night. Michael was pitiful.

Mayor Pete did himself no favors by taking on Klobuchar so hard. It seemed too personal. I know he needs her voters but he seemed, for the first time, like a bully.

Biden did not embarrass himself, which was good for him.

But, I must admit, I feel the Bern!

I loved him 4 years ago and love him still.

People say he can't win because of the 'socialist' label.

But get this: Social Security and Medicare and Mecicaid are already 'socialist' programs--and who is against them?

Plus, younger voters don't fear 'socialism' and Bernie will bring them out in record numbers.

I consider myself a Democratic Socialist, so I admire him greatly.

Finally, what I fear most is The President (who I will not name) will bully any candidate on the debate stage. Imagine trying to bully Bernie!

I'd go for Bernie/Amy or Bernie/Tom Steyer. He'll only serve one term and those two are young enough and clued in enough to work. My favorite ticket would be Bernie/Yang--just to see Mile Pence on a stage with Andrew!!!

This has to work. We have to win.

Just today the president put someone with no experience in intellegance in charge of the National Intellegance Department.

This all must stop through the November election. Plus, turn the Senate Democratic!!!

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