Thursday, February 6, 2020

OK, he was aquitted, but at what cost to us?

In his hour of rambling speech today, the President proved he hasn't 'learned his lesson', as I heard several GOP Senator's say on TV.

If I talked about people I didn't agree with from the pulpit the way the President did today, I would be defrocked by the church and probably be in count on several counts.

But not him.

I've always admired (but not agreed with) Mitt Romney. But his vote to impeach was a 'profile of courage' and he will, as he admitted he will be, ostracized and bombarded by other Republicans and most of all, the President.

What will the next year cost us?

I'm not sure how bad it will be, but 'bad' it will be.

'Unhinged' doesn't come close to describing the President.

The things he said (O my Lord!) a the PRAYER breakfast today is enough to prove he is not settled in reality.

Of Romney (without naming him) he said, "I don't like people who use their faith to justify doing what they know is wrong."

Of Pelosi, who was four chairs away from him, he said "I don't like people telling that they pray for me when they don't mean it."

A Mormon and a Roman Catholic attacked at a PRAYER breakfast.

Lord, save us from the cost to come because GOP Senators (except Romney) have no backbone and no balls.

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