Saturday, March 19, 2016

Holy Week cometh....

Tomorrow is Palm Sunday. Holy Week is on the doorstep, ready to step in.

As an Episcopal priest, I should, it seems to me, be getting all misty about the arrival of Holy Week.

But, if I'm honest, I have to admit I'm more excited about the arrival of my children and grandchildren next week for Easter. Time with them is golden and all too rare. Jesus is always there!

I do like the drama of Holy Week and the Maundy Thursday/Good Friday liturgies. I don't have to do an Easter Vigil and I'm deeply thankful for that. Lots of 'church rats' love the Easter Vigil but I've never gotten into it. Easter for me is daylight and sunshine and warmth and Easter eggs and dinner with my family and some dear friends (we expect 13 for Easter dinner!)

So, my biggest thanks for Holy Week's approach is that it ushers in Mimi and Tim and Josh and Cathy and Morgan/Emma/Tegan into our lives for a few days.

But never mind all that: Holy Week comes...Enjoy!

(Or should we 'enjoy' the Passion of the Lord?  I think maybe we should....)

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