Monday, March 28, 2016

One more Easter over....

They were all here--both our children, their spouses, our three living granddaughters and our slumbering one in Mimi's belly--John and Suzanne, his niece, Jack and Sherry and their son, Robbie, and Jay (one of Josh's oldest friends) later.

Easter full of life, as it should be.

Our dog snapped at Robbie, as he has twice before (who knows what's that about? the dog gods?) so Bela was on a leash all day and upstairs in our bedroom with either me or Bern while Jay was here.

Resurrection is sometimes a complicated times--especially when you have a dog who is the worst ever but who you love like a Rock.

Food coming out our ears. I do the 'befores' except Bern breads and fries asparagus--usually canned but this year fresh and much better than what was already very good. I did pate and cheese and crackers and olives and shrimp and deviled eggs.

Then there was two hams--fresh and 'country'--vadellia onion  pie, green salad and dandelion risotta (from Sherry and Jack--green salad is lime jello with walnuts and cottage cheese in case you don't know) salad 'salad'. Coconut Cake and Robbie's Chocolate Silk pie for desert. Amazing

And good friends and beloved people and food and laughter and joy (after Bela was on leash!)

Good Friday was John's birthday. I found all these great cards and we gave him the National Geographic "Story of Jesus".

John is one of only a few folks I remember from college.

Suzanne, John's niece, went to Bennington College, where both Tim and Mimi went, more than a decade before.

I'm just rambling now, I know.

John took Tim to the train late Easter afternoon. Josh and Cathy and the girls left in the early morning on Monday for Baltimore. Mimi drove back to Brooklyn just after noon today and will pick Tim up from work in the Empire State Building and they'll go home. (How cool to have a son-in-law who works in the Empire State Building!)

And now, sated with left overs, about to go to bed, I'm writing this.

He is Risen! He IS indeed!

And I feel that way too after so much time with the people I love most in the world and Holy Week with the folks at St. James in Higganum.

Alleluia! I say.

Another Easter has come and Gone.

Alleluia! in lots of ways.

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