Tuesday, March 22, 2016

What does my PC want?

There are lots of things I still don't like about my new computer.

For example, WORD is a nightmare. I don't know how I used to write documents but it was a lot simpler. Just like this--spell check isn't available unless I ask for it by typing 'check spelling' in a box. And I need spell check a lot!

But the thing that drives me craziest is that no matter what settings I set, my computer goes to sleep in about two minutes. Then it shows me a picture and asks what I think of it "I'm not a fan" and "I want more" are the only two options.

I've never 'wanted more' of any picture of inanimate objects (no matter how artistic!) or anything with a human being in it. I want nature, nature, nature, nature....Get it PC?


Today photos of tools, a man climbing an ice wall and a room full of people showed up.

I've had this computer 6 months or more and all I've ever been a 'fan' of is pictures of nature, nature, nature, nature....What's so hard about that?

"We'll show you more like this", my PC tells me when I pick a nature/nature/nature photo as a fan. Then a day or two later, there's a photo of a violin--a perfectly lovely violin--but I want nature, nature, nature, nature you a-hole PC!!!

What's so hard about that?

Give me a view of a bay with funny islands or a forest or a seascape or the night sky and I'm a 'fan'.

No more artistic violins or tools.

Is that so hard?

Stupid PC....

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