Thursday, March 17, 2016

Even more enough...

We all know that the Republican 'establishment' (whatever that is now) is dead set on holding Trump to less than a majority of delegates and turning the Convention into a side show. More luck to them.

But the Donald said that if he has 'the most delegates' going into Convention, even if it isn't a majority, and he's denied the nomination there 'will be riots'.

I heard a supporter talk to Wolf Blitzer today and say, "riots wouldn't be the worst thing that could happen."

Wolf gave her three chances to say she didn't mean 'violence in the streets' and she never really did.

"Inciting to riot", last I looked, was against the law. Yet Trump, months ahead of Cleveland, is laying the groundwork for such nonsense.

I can only hope that a vast majority of Americans--Democrats, Republicans and Independents have enough sense to make sure D. Trump cannot be elected.

I believe that is true. But then, I haven't been right about anything yet....

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