Sunday, March 20, 2016

Mystery least one....

Big mystery last week.

Several mornings there were pages in my printer tray I didn't print. They were, it turned out, pages from Dr. Stombakis, the surgeon who removed my prostate.

Medical records. I couldn't figure out how they were being sent to me through my printer.

After three random assortment of pages arrived, I noticed they weren't on the kind of paper in my printer. They were on thicker paper.

I was dumbfounded.

Was my printer also a FAX machine and the doctor's office was faxing me my records? But a fax machine prints stuff sent to it on the paper in the machine. No one can send paper through a wire!

I was flummoxed. Totally.

I'd begin to think I was imagining the whole thing when a few more pages on that thicker paper would show up in my tray.

Maybe I was losing my mind--though I always thought you had to have one to lose it....

Then, just a day or two ago, I came into my little office and there were papers all over the floor--more medical records on that good paper.

I looked on top of the bookshelf where my printer occupies the middle shelf and saw a folder about to fall off. It was the folder Dr. Stombakis gave me when I started seeing a urologist closer to home (Meriden vs. Greenwich). One or two pages had been falling out at a time and miraculously landing on my printer's tray!

Mystery solved! That one at any rate.

Another mystery emerged when I started reading the pages. I didn't understand most of it since it was in the medical secret language it takes years of Med School to master. No mystery there.

The mystery was when I noticed the date of my surgery.

It's been 11 years!

I told someone a few weeks ago that I had prostate cancer "five or six years ago".

Half right!

I know I am lost in linear time--but I didn't know it was that bad.

Eleven years becomes 'five or 6' in my mind--how weird. (Take the 'in my mind' in that sentence with a grain of salt....)

You have to 'have one' to lose it....

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