Monday, March 21, 2016

Reality in an ultrasound

Mimi emailed Bern and me ultrasounds of little Ellie, growing inside her.

Little hand, little foot, two profiles: I was shocked into the reality that our baby girl is having a baby girl in July!

I'd been in, not 'denial', but something like 'disbelief'. Mimi was here a week or so ago and didn't look pregnant to me. Of course she wears Brooklyn style and her tops were a little too flowing to show off anything.

But there was Ellie's profile and foot and hand for all the world (or at least Bern and me) to see.

Tim and Mimi will be great parents, as terrified as they must be right now.

So Ellie has stepped into my reality. And I thank God for her and welcome her.

(I can't quite tell who she looks like from the ultrasounds, but her profile is perfect.)

Just perfect.

Joy and wonder.

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