Monday, March 14, 2016

Why Ted Cruz makes me Crazy

Ted Cruz said today that the only thing that could keep him from supporting Donald Trump if Trump is the nominee is if Trump actually did go out on 5th Avenue and shoot someone (as the Donald said he could do and not lose support)!

The only thing crazier than Cruz saying that is his reason: "When I give my word I keep it."

One of the things I admire most in human beings is when they are able to change their minds and admit a former mistake of judgment. That quality enables us to create new possibilities rather than grit our teeth and 'do what we said'.

The Making a Difference Workshop I help lead talks about 'being your word'. That's important. Very. But we allow for the possibility of 'being' your 'broken word' as well. Fessing up that you didn't keep it and 'being' the one who didn't slavishly follow through and changed their mind.

Given all that, I should admire, of all people, Donald Trump--since he's forever changing his mind and not keeping his word. But I don't admire him, of course, since he just 'says what he needs to say' without any inkling of the consequences.

I do admire Hillary for the very thing Bernie accuses her of constantly--changing her mind and apologizing for past positions. Bernie--though everything he says, I agree with--is too locked into 'keeping his word' and 'being consistent'.

Consistence, remember, is the hob-goblin of small minds.

Give me someone who takes risks, steps out, sometimes screws up and then is man/woman enough to admit they were wrong and have changed their minds.

Adaptability and being open to the new is much more important to me than 'consistency' even when it is Bernie Sanders' consistence.

I want a leader who can admit they have made mistakes and 'be' the person who made them and 'fess up' and move on.

That's what I want.

I don't long for 'perfection' so much as being 'human' and admitting it, taking responsibility for it and 'being' even your broken word.

Just so you know where I am on all this--unless something shows me I'm wrong, then I'll let you know and apologize.....

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