Thursday, January 11, 2018

"house" or "hole", no difference

I heard a man on CNN tonight (ok, I watch CNN and MSNBC, so you know my left wing leanings) who was trying to defend the President (whose name I don't type!) by saying he called Haiti, El Salvador and Africa nations "S*** House" countries instead of "S*** hole" countries.

It was disconcerting to the other people on the show, to say the least.

It's OK to call black and brown countries "S*** House" countries or that is somehow better than calling them "S*** Hole" countries?

Where I grew up, lots of people had outdoor toilets, including my grandma Jones, which I used many, many times. We sometimes called them "Shit houses" (I'm tired of hitting *!) but there was nothing pleasant, believe you me, about that. Grandma Jones' was a two-seater and the holes were called, honest to God, "shit holes".

So, when I heard someone who's never even seen an outhouse, much less use one, try to say "House" is somehow less damning than "Hole", I just have to laugh.

So which ever term our President (who I will not name) used, the only thing more amazing than how insulting either term was to those black and brown nations, is that he ever had any idea what either term meant.

I don't think he ever used an outhouse or a shit-hole.

How painful it all is.

But we must take deep breaths, meditate daily and stay able to speak up and push back.

We must do that, for the sake of this country which he is trying to dismember.

Please ponder that and do that.


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