Sunday, January 14, 2018

baseball and time

The Major League's commissioner's office is making lots of noise about ways to 'speed up the game'.

I for one don't want it to speed up. I love baseball because there is no clock, no ticking down--it takes as long as it takes for a game to be played.

I know I'm a pre-tech Baby Boomer who doesn't mind it internet is slow. My attitude could kill the sport, I know, for people who want things done wham-bam-thank you, M'am.

I don't mind spending 3 hours watching 18 people scuff the dirt and tighten their hitting gloves and shaking off pitches. No better 3 hour past-time for me. I don't like the 24 second or 30 second clock in the NBA and college basketball. It used to be possible for a vastly inferior team to get a 4 point lead and spread the floor and play keep away. I remember Nobody teams beating top 10 teams 32-30. I found that very interesting.

But then I like to just sit and think or sometimes "just sit".

Younger generations want something to happen 'now'. I'm willing to wait for something to happen.

I open my Christmas gifts slower than most people, I think. I like 'not knowing' as much as I like 'knowing'.

I hate to google stuff. I'd rather wonder and ponder than to 'know' immediately.

So, don't speed up baseball.

Besides, it would cut down the number of beer runs you could have.

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