Sunday, January 14, 2018

I jinxed them

I jinxed WVU's men's basketball team!

A few days ago I wrote about them being ranked #2 and what happened? Texas Tech beat them 72-71 down in the Lone Star State.

My grandmother, wise old Lina Manona Sadler Jones, used to tell me and my 16 first cousins, "don't get above your raisin'". She meant upbringing not a dried grape.

Once my cousin Bradley Perkins (named after my father but not using Virgil!) was in grandmaw's kitchen, looking at his reflection in the toaster and talking about how good looking he was.

Lina Manona said, "Bradley, don't toot your own horn."

Bradley answered back, "Mammaw, he who toots not his own horn that same horn will not be toothed!"

A fine response, if I might say so.

We were always taught that to brag was about as bad a sin as murder.

That was the Jones family way--bragging brings about heartbreak.

The Bradley side of the family didn't hesitate to brag, except my father.

I guess Mammaw was right. Sorry WVU, I should have kept quiet.

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