Tuesday, January 23, 2018

In Momento Mori

Ursula Le Guin died today. She was my favorite writer, along with Kurt Vonnegut. Her 'Earthsea' trilogy are 3 of my favorite 10 books of all time and she probably has another two or three on that short list. "Left Hand of Darkness" for one.

And I usually don't much like science fiction, though I am a sucker for fantasy (Tolkien, the "Thrones" books, stuff like that). She did both.

Her novel about a planet where there is no 'gender'--or where 'gender' is fluid through your life-time--able to be father and mother both--really revolutionized the way I look at gender. Astonishing.

She hasn't written for a good time, she was 88 after all.

I'll go to the library soon and get some of her books. I need to pay homage to her in some way.

Rest in peace, sweet writer, love of mine.

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