Thursday, January 25, 2018

my capa negra

I have a funeral and burial tomorrow of a man 7 years younger than me who I thought a lot of. He was a large scale farmer, kind to immigrant workers, gave lots of food away and had a life of sorrow--losing his son to a motorcycle accident and having to raise his grandson his daughter didn't care for.

I'm going to wear my capa negra to the graveside. A capa negra is a 'black cape', much like a vampire or Zorro would wear, but with a hood. It is wool and weighs 10 pounds and is very warm.

I did a funeral for a Waterbury Police Officer slain in the line of duty years ago. It was February, I think, and brutally cold. Well over a thousand police from around the New England area and beyond showed up. We set up tv screens and loud speakers on the Green for the overflow. He had three small children and it was a painful service. Thankfully, a former Rector who had known him as a boy was the preacher.

It took so long to get all the police folks situated at the graveside that I was frozen and caught pneumonia. Out for two weeks. Could hardly move, much less do anything. Truly 'laid up'.

The women's group at the church were so sorry for me they bought me a capa negra so that wouldn't happen again.

My name is embroidered inside in red script.

I seldom wear it because it is so ostentatious. But tomorrow will be cold and I wear so many layers in the cold weather that my winter coat has trouble covering them all.

It will be very dramatic.

A vampire, Zorro, a priest by a grave.


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