Wednesday, January 17, 2018

sleeping late

I always heard that as you got older you slept less and less.

Not me!

I can, seriously, sleep more than 8 hours every night. I usually go to bed at 11, read for a while, and sleep until 9.

And I could do that every night.

Bern, when she wakes up, really 'wakes up'. She'll go in the tv room and doze on the couch but her night's sleep is over.

I can wake up--and sometimes do--several times a night, but I just lay still and go back to sleep.

And since I don't function well without sleep, this is a great gift.

I even asked Bern this morning if she resented me sleeping late. She said she didn't and I believed her so I went back to bed for 45 minutes! And I slept.

(I secretly think she is just as glad I'm not around as she drinks her morning pot--I mean 'pot', not 'cup'--of coffee and can do what she wants. I'm a morning person--probably because I sleep well--and she definitely isn't. So she's glad to not see me until 9 or later.)

Pleasant dreams....

I hope you all sleep like I do.

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