Thursday, January 4, 2018

Snow Daze

Much of the time I think weather forecasters are like an half-wit old man somewhere in the mountains of Appalachia flipping the dollar coin he's had since his 12th birthday in 1948. Sometimes heads, sometimes tails--one or the other about half the time.

But they got today right, by all that is sacred.

The dog got up quite early but Bern has already swept the porch and deck and dug out some space in the back yard for him. Still, after doing his business, his black hair was practically all white and Bern was covered as well.

The thing about this snow is that it is easy to sweep or shovel away. But I think between us we have swept the back porch and deck 10 times and it is always back in a matter of minutes.

Don't even mention the front porch or the walkway to the parking area or the parking area or the car and truck. Even Mark, our next door neighbor who is usually a snow shoveling fool hasn't touche the parking area or their two trucks.

It's going to keep snowing and blowing until 11 or so tonight. I have no idea how many inches it's been but sweeping an inch or more 10 times gives you some ball park idea.

Cornwall Avenue has been plowed several times but it looks like three inches of new snow right now at just past 5 p.m.

They did pick up the trash and Bern retrieved our trash can before it blew down to Route 10 (a.k.a. South Main Street) but the top to it is under a snow drift somewhere in our front yard.

Bela dog has slept most of the day, hoping to sleep until May, I think.

Which wouldn't be a bad idea.

The President, He-Who-Will-Not-Be-Named, tweeted that this gives the lie to 'global warming'--not near the dumbest thing he's tweeted today. "It's climate change," Mr. fake leader of the Free World. This is simply 'weather', though the conditions for the weather have changed. 14 inches in parts of North Carolina. Almost freezing in Tampa. Hardly normal.

Yet, this is New England and this is New England weather.

Lord, help us!

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