Thursday, May 21, 2020

Wear a mask, a**h**e

The President went to a Ford plant in Michigan today that absolutely requires that everyone inside the plant must wear a mask.

And though he put one on, as soon as the cameras started rolling, he took it off.

What kind of leadership is that?

Don't rules to protect safety apply to everyone?

If he was a homicide policeman, would he wear a bullet proof vest when going into a situation where shots might be fired?

If he was a surgeon, would he wash his hands and were scrubs, gloves, and a mask?

If he were in the Army in combat (oh, I forgot, bone spurs!) would he wear a helmet and carry a gun?

If he were a teacher, would he use the black board?

If he were a priest, would he wear a stole?

What in the S*** is wrong with this guy?

Why is he president?

Will he be again?

God help me, I pray not!

Vote! Vote! Vote!

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