Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Digging Out wasn't bad enough

Mark, our next door neighbor has a small snow plow and is kind enough to clear our joint driveway.

But our cars were still covered and surrounded and took over an hour to clean off.

Bern cut a path for Brigit in the back yard so she could go out.

But then, both of us tired from shoveling snow, we ordered take out from Vespucci's, our favorite Cheshire eatery.

When I went to get the take out, my car was dead as a door nail!

Have to call AAA tomorrow.

So Bern took me in her truck, which has four speed and I don't feel up to driving.

I forgot to have her stop at a wine store, so I had no white wine tonight.

 Not the best of days, to say the least....

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