Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Living too long....

I was driving home after a great day at church listening to an NPR report on how most teens text some 50-75 times a day. "Mostly useless stuff," one of them admitted and all of them should, it seems to me.

I've recieved some text messages in my day on my phone and tried once or twice to return them (unsuccessfully).

Here's what I promise: I will not run away to Boreno, I will not drink Yak milk, I will become a Republican or a Baptist, I won't tug on Superman's cape or raise chickens (though I've dreamed a couple of times recently about having chickens--long story....) and I will never send you a text message on your phone. OK? You can go to the bank on that....

So I stop to get a bottle of Starbuck's cold coffee--Mocha, a weakness of mine. The total was $3.01. I had four quarters so I gave the kid 4 quarters, a $10 bill and a penny. He probably texts his friends 50 times a day.

He looked at me and said, "What do I do with this?"

I told him, "Enter $11.01 on your cash register and give me my change...."

Skeptically, he did. "Wow," he said, handing me a 5 and 3 ones, "Cool."

He wished me a nice day though he had almost ruined it....

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