Friday, April 9, 2010

the vat of choristers

I was a bit harsh in my last post. I was simply disappointed that Maria and the Choristers don't get more folks for their Evensongs. People at St. John's certainly support them financially and love them on Sunday mornings when they sing. But it is the Evensongs where you really get to hear them shine.

Maria has done a great great job over the last 5-6 years (whichever) and it truly shows in the kids who take full advantage of the program. She works with a fragile group who have issues that keep them away from time to time. But the Value Added Training ('vat', get it?) is remarkable. with a few exceptions, the choristers are kids who don't have a lot of sports or after school oppotunities and don't have parents who are able to get them to rehersals regularily. And they certainly don't have music training in the public schools. So, what they get with the Choristers in invaluable training in music, commitment and discipline.

Continue to support them...please....

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