Thursday, April 8, 2010

something to ponder for St. John's....

I have no idea how many members of St. John's read this--but I have something to say to them and the Search Committee....

Every Episcopal Church, in their top 5 commitments, puts Youth and Adult Education along with whatever the other 3 are.

Tonight I heard a marvelous evensong by our Choristers and there were 10 people there to hear it with me.

And we have had, for 20 years, adult education opportunities that have been attended by 10 or less for 90% of the programs.

So, don't put those two things among your commitments. Just don't....

And shame on us for not supporting the Choristers by 'showing up' and not coming to Adult Education.

I don't often 'shame' folks.

This time I will.

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