Wednesday, June 30, 2010

another reason I've lived too long...

As I was about to turn off my blog spot...which, by the way, I have trouble getting to, I know not why....I saw a message to the right. Here is what it said:

Browse and blog in side by side windows by dragging a tab to one side.

Maybe in the end this is several reasons why I have lived to long.

1. I have no idea what that message means.
2. Even if I did know what that message means, why would I want to do that, whatever it is.
3. I couldn't figure out how to turn off the 'bold' while writing #2.
4. I don't know how I turned it off the write #2.
5. the 'b' that means bold is still a different color than the 'i' that means italics but what I'm writing isn't bold and I simply pray that when I post this all will be well when I go back to my blog--which, did I mention, is difficult sometimes, I don't know why?

All that I don't know confounds me and tells me that perhaps I have lived too long.

I hope not.....

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