Monday, June 14, 2010

I feel better now

After posting that and asking to do a new post, my familiar page came up. I feel so much better now, typing on a page I recognize.

Nobody likes 'change'--that's my theory. Some people try to remain open to the possibility of change but even those people, like me, are freaked out by going to and finding a different looking page.

I went to Ireland to lead a Making a Difference Workshop. I've been a leader of those workshops for over 15 years now. The workshops are based on a series of distinctions and centering prayer. One distinction we have--though it isn't in the outline of the ws--is the distinction between "change" and "transformation".

Change is arduous, frustrating and, by in large, impossible (the more things 'change' the more they stay the same and all that.) Transformation is effortless, enlivening and a product of possibility.

Change is about 'doing' and 'having'. Transformation is about 'being' and creating.

I am a devotee of Transformation, and, like most people, I abhor 'change'...even in the form of a different looking blog page....

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