Monday, June 14, 2010

The Robin Saga continued

While I was away in Ireland, the mother robin came back. (I've written several posts about the robins' nest on our front porch and when I left, I thought they were gone.)

The female came back while I was gone and since I've been back she has been on the nest almost constantly. We haven't seen the male at all. I am far beyond understanding what's going on. I should Google "nesting habits + robins + my front porch" and see what shows up.

But she is there, stoic and still. I've tried making eye contact and think I have (It's a bird, for goodness sakes, who can tell???) and she doesn't fly.

Remember, when we thought they were gone I looked in the nest and found it empty. There is no way to check, Papa Robin hasn't come back.

What was since a romantic and wondrous story has turned strange and not a little dark. What happened to her mate? Why did she come back? Does she now have eggs?--even without Google it seems late in the season to me....Is she sitting on an empty nest, trying as a bird might, to 'will into being' eggs and chicks?

Since I never notice her away from the nest I am worried that she is wasting away....a romantic story turned to drama and tragedy. How would her story translate into human events? How often have I sought to nurture an illusion into life? How many of us humans have lived in 'what might have been' and missed 'what is occurring'?

How will the Robin Saga turn out?

Stay tuned....I certainly will let you know....

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