Monday, June 28, 2010

work comes along...

The Diocese has asked me to go do supply work at St. James' in Fair Haven next Sunday and the Sunday after. It's very flattering that they thought of me. I've lined up 4 other Sundays in July and August as well. However, the thing is, the Diocese isn't real sure where the Eucharist will be or if anyone will be there...They're paying me nevertheless so why would I complain?

The Rector left the Episcopal Church this week. It wasn't so much a surprise as it was sudden. So the Diocese is trying to find out what's going on with the congregation and who has a key and stuff like that. They might be meeting in a local school.

The Rector who left did so because the Episcopal Church is damaging his faith in God, or something like that. He's one of the ones who has been shaken up in the past decade by how horribly 'liberal' the EC is. (Point of view is everything: I think the EC is to the right of moderate!) So it is a bit ironic that they're asking me to go there. Geoff and I are as far apart theologically as Barney Frank and Rush Limbaugh are politically.

So, I'll keep you updated unless I'm held hostage until Gene Robinson resigns.

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