Monday, April 4, 2011

head's up

A woman who walks her 95 pound yellow Lab when I'm walking my dog, was walking him while on the cell phone. He lunged at my dog, almost pulling her off her feet. (Now my dog has done his share of lunging over time, but I've never been distracted by a cell phone call and have always planned ahead about what to do.) I could hear her telling whoever she was talking to, "sorry, my dog just lunged at a black dog...." (How about, 'sorry my dog lunged at yours'???)

Bern was walking our dog on the Canal and a guy was running with his IPod ear plugs in with his huge dog on one of those retractable leads with it at full extention. There was no way Bern could get Bela out of the way and no way the guy, already triple tasking--running, listening to music or a download about how to be a better human being, while walking (supposedly) a huge dog. So the dog lunged at Bela and the guy, Bern said, didn't even notice....

Multi-tasking doesn't work, it's been shown. Oh, we can do two or three things at the same time, but we can't do any one of them with the same focus and intention we could do if one thing were all we were doing.

(PS why would you be outside with bird songs and trees and water and want to be listening to something on ear phones or talking on a cell phone? Bird songs are wonderful enough....")

Head's up: mono-tasking is good, focused and intentional.

Try it, you'll like it....

And you're dog won't lunge at mine....

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