Saturday, April 30, 2011

They're baaaccckkk....

I went back and checked the archives of my blog--last May 1...2010...I wrote a blog about the robins who built a nest on the old alarm system alarm on our front porch, just to the right of the front door when you walk out of our house.

There are lots more blogs after that--my thinking they abandoned the nest, cow bird problems, lots of thing, finally baby robins and all the joy that entails.

Well, they're back. The same robin couple, I believe, the look the same but how am I to be able to tell one robin from another? Daddy is 'huge', really big. Today, when I was on the back deck, where I can't even see the nest, he sat on a tree near me and yelled at me for a long time. We see him all over, in trees where he can see the nest, guarding.

Mama is sitting on what I can only assume are more eggs. She's always there. On the Monday of Easter week, when Josh and Cathy and the girls were leaving, I showed Josh and Tegan the nest and Mama flew out, almost bumping Tegan's face. Tegan is 18 months old and the look she gave me when the bird flew so close to her would define 'amazement' and 'astonishment'.

She is used to us now, the bird, I mean, and when I go out or come in, I say, "Hey, mama..."

Last year, if you go back and read my blogs, I was anxious to the extreme about her and the nest and her eggs and then babies, who finally flew away.

This year, I'm mellow about the whole thing.

It's just like your second child. We were frantic and crazy and anxious about everything about Josh. When Mimi came along we were like "well, whatever" and so calm and nonplussed about the whole baby thing.

I love the robins on our front porch. This year, I love them without anxiety.

By the way, a storm blew the nest down in construction and I thought they'd leave, but they build it again and Mama is sitting on it non-stop and Dad is guarding it and bringing Mama food.

I can't wait for the second generation of Robin babies....

What joy.....

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