Friday, April 29, 2011

the world I live in

I live in a world where there are lots of locally owned, small jewelry stores.

I needed a new watch band, mine about to break completely off on one side, so I went to my local jewelry store to get one.

Problem is, there is not a single jewelry store in Cheshire. I went to the one I remembered, in the same building with a pizza shop and, much to my chagrin, I found a cupcake store where the watchbands should be.

So I got in my car and drove down RT 10 to Hamden. Hamden is, I believe, the largest town in square miles in the state...may be wrong but I think so. I think I drove most of Hamden--down Dixwell and cutting across and coming back on Whitney. Miles and miles I drove. But no jewelry store. None. Not one. I found one place that was a clock and watch store, but it only sold clocks and watches, no replacement watch bands.

Finally, after vowing to the Baby Jesus I'd never do it, I went to Walmart in Hamden Plaza and found a watch band. It is, I believe, only the third time in my life I've been in a Walmart. Once in West Virginia on a whim. And once in CT because I needed something they would surely have. I hate Walmart--aisles too narrow, stuff piled too high, too much stuff. But I broke my solemn vow and went there, there being no little neighborhood jewelry stores in the two towns of Cheshire and Hamden. (Oh, I know I could have found a jewelry store in a mall in Meriden or Waterbury, but I resent malls only a little less than I resent Walmart.)

I was walking the dog this afternoon and realized that all my neighbors had dug up the dandelions in their yards and thrown them out onto Cornwall Ave. I was horrified! Where I grew up dandelions were a food group, just like gravy. You mostly ate them wilted in bacon renderings, but they were also good unwilted. For Easter dinner, we had dandelion risotto Jack made from dandelions he picked on the grounds of Bethesda Lutheran Church in New Haven. It was heavenly. (I even, years ago, had some dandelion's not Pino Grigio, but it is pretty good.)

No local jewelry stores, people wasting dandelions--what else is an illusion in the world I live in.

I live in a world where people drink water from a faucet instead of a plastic bottle.

I live in a world where phones have rotary dials.

I live in a world where most everyone smokes.

I live in a world where people 'drop in' rather than email.

I live in a world where you call your doctors by their first name (since they do that to you....)

I live in a world where people give great respect to the President whether they agree with him or not.

I live in a world where 'please' and 'thank you' are the two things you say most often.

I live in a world where athletes are heroes, not criminals.

I live in a world where everyone agrees that everyone should have healthcare.

I live in a world where FACEBOOK isn't the 'social network', the 'social network' is you friends and family.

I live in a world where strangers are simply friends you haven't met.

I live in a world where God is Love rather than Judge.

I live in a world that includes drug stores that have a soda fountain.

I live in a world where there was a mechanic where you get your gas rather than a convenience store.

I know, I know, I really know--I live in an illusion.

But, it is my world and I prefer it.

Welcome to my world.

Want to join me...?

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