Friday, May 24, 2013

Bern is painting, I am going to movies....

Bern is painting our living room. I did look at paint samples and even went to Home Depot--a place that unnerves me more that Dracula's Castle would--to help her buy all the stuff...or at least help her carry it all out to her truck.

I am banned from painting because I don't paint up to Bern's standards. (Just as I'm banned from yard work and house cleaning for the same reason--I just can't do it to satisfy her.)

So she's going to be painting for quite a while now--I have a vague idea of which rooms she is painting but wouldn't trust myself to be accurate about it. A couple of bedrooms for sure and maybe the dining room, though I hope not since it is this funky yellow-orange with a gold ceiling that I really like. But we'll see how extensive this painting will be. All I know for sure is that I am banned from taking part.

(Just a note to the wise and lazy: if you prove yourself incompetent at stuff around the house, you will be banned and can go to movies while the other person in your household does those things. Not a bad deal, I'd say.)

I went to see the new Star Trek movie, which was amazing visually and in making 'what happens next' even more dangerous and exciting that 'what just happened'. I'm a sucker for Star Trek stuff, no matter what generation of the show it is. Problem is, these recent movies are supposed to be Kirk and Spock and Bones and Ohura and Sulu and Scotty as younger versions of the people--Leonard Nemoy and William Schatner (et al)--who were in the original TV series when I was much younger than I am now. And if you'd watch an episode of the original after seeing this you'd think it was when people drove star cruisers that were Model T's to the Lexus models of the new movies. It's jarring to realize that what Spock and Kirk had to work with in the beginning was like light years away from the special effects and computer generated stuff their younger selves had....

One of the amusing things is that the Starship Enterprise crew come upon some folks who were cryoginically frozen several centuries before and they don't understand the technology, as one of the characters says 'it's too ancient' since there was no need for cryogenics any more!

The whole thing gives the lie to 'progress' since Spock and Kirk have such wondrously more advanced technology as young men in the present as they did as older men in the past.

Time, in Star Trek, at any rate, seems remarkably relative.

For all the strum and drang of the newer incarnation of Star Trek, I wouldn't trade it all for "The Trouble with Tribbles" episode of the originals. Since it won't spoil anything if you go see "Into Darkness", there is a dead Tribble in the movie that is the key to a resurrection worthy of the New Testament....

So, if you aren't competent to paint--you might go see it....

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