Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I can't park any more....

Here's something I've noticed and have been pondering: I can't park any more.

Not that I can't do parallel parking, I do that just fine. But when I pull into a parking space, head-on, I don't pull in far enough.

It's a mystery. I've notice over the last few months that when I pull into a parking space in a strip mall or anywhere, when I get out, I'm no where near the line in the front and my car's butt is sticking out too far. Several times I've gotten back in my car and pulled up and then gotten out and noticed I still wasn't far enough up in the parking place.

What does this mean, I ponder.

Why can't I pull fully up into the parking space?

Does it have to do with not being able to 'make a commitment' or 'follow through on a promise'? Am I being overly cautious or have I begun to lose my sense of space?

Is this the beginning of dementia, not being able to locate in space?

Have I become tentative in my aging--not able to go all the way forward, holding back, stopping short?

Who knows?

On the other hand, maybe I've always parked short and, in my dotage, have started to notice this short-coming for the first time.

Maybe, just maybe, I'm gaining insight as I grow older.

Getting more alert, more introspective, noticing more about my life.

Well, yeal, that and over two dollars will get you a cup of coffee at Starbucks any where. Even if you don't pull all the way into the parking space outside....

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