Friday, May 3, 2013

What I'm pondering this week

1. How many words does my dog recognize? Or, more precisely, 'how many commands does he obey?' I don't have to ponder long...almost none....

2. Why (according to a recent poll) do 44% of  Republicans surveyed believe a time may come when Americans may have to have an armed rebellion against the government of the US?

3. How could any of those people think they would win an armed rebellion against the Army, Navy, Marine Corps and Air Force? Don't they know, ever how many guns they have, the military has about a billion more?

 4. What do people who believe 'climate change' is a myth think about the remarkable floods in the Midwest and brush fires 5 months early in southern California?

5. Have there always been dried cranberries and I just wasn't paying attention?

6. Why is the psychic and palm reader down Rt 10, almost across from Stop and Shop running specials? Today there was a sign in front of her house that said, "Special Readings today $10". Are things had for psychic's these days or what?

7. What would it be like to have siblings? I'm an only child who never 'got' the interactions between our 2 children and certainly don't get the interactions between my three granddaughter or any of the interactions between people who actually have siblings. Every time I think I wish I had siblings all I have to do it to talk to someone who does!

8. How does Twitter work? (Actually, I don't ponder that too much since I have no earthly desire to do it. But I do, occasionally wonder how it works, just out of normal curiosity.)

9. Why on earth would people 'tweet'?

10. Will hard copy newspapers and books really disappear some day?

11. Can I die before that day?

12. What in the hell was "Bird Notes" on NPR thinking when they had a Bird Note today about sea lions who eat fish tainted by DDT off the coast of southern California who die migrating north to Canada and wash up on Washing State beaches where scavenger birds eat them?

13. Whatever happened to the Old Testament God that would 'smite' and destroy Westbrook Baptist Church in Kansas?

14. What is my cat thinking about when he jumps up on the table beside my desk and stares at me while I'm typing this?

15. And since I don't want you to think all I ponder about are my animals, psychics, politics and social media, there is this: 'what did I do to deserve such a perfectly wondrous May day as today was? Or any of us, for that matter?

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