Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The fox I saw on Cornwall Avenue

A week or so ago, I thought I saw a fox on Cornwall Avenue as I was taking my dog for h is morning walk. It was crossing Cornwall about a block future down than Bela and I were.

But I didn't say anything about it because I thought Bern would think I was slip-sliding away and start calling nursing homes about vacancies. Plus, the dog didn't react, but he was mostly thinking about peeing and pooping and it was a block away.

Then today, in the back yard, Bern and I were talking to Naomi, our next door neighbor about the baby robins in a quince tree in our yard that leans against the fence that divides our yard from Mark and Naomi's yard. And two of Naomi's kids--Phoenix and Eva were there along with a girl from the next house down (Linda and Scott's) whose name I can't think of and she was saying that her mother (Linda) saw a fox in their next door neighbor's yard.

So, at last I could claim to have seen a fox myself on Cornwall Avenue since Linda is probably under 40 and no one would think she had dementia because she saw a fox on our street.

(All this is significant because I did get out of my car while it was still running today and was walking toward our front door until I remembered I had heard WNPR as I was walking away from the car. I sometimes wonder if I shouldn't be in the home. Getting out of your car and walking away while it's still running makes me ponder about my faculties a bit....)

However, I'm glad to know someone besides me had a Fox Sighting on Cornwall Avenue. Yea!

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