Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Toasted ham and cheese is a real breakthrough

I haven't blogged since Friday night. There is a reason.

(Anyone with tender sensibilities should stop reading now--I'll give you some blank lines to go somewhere else online....)

(OK, don't say I didn't warn you....)

Saturday night we when to dinner for Jack's birthday. It was a great time. But I think I got some bad shrimp. I blame it on the shrimp (which was in a fish stew of sorts) because I was the only one who had shrimp in any form and others had calamari and clams--the other two things in my stew--and no one else got sick.

I went on a website that diagnoses your abdominal distress by asking you questions about your symptoms. WHAT ISN'T  ON LINE THESE DAYS? What I had might have been a stomach virus (but I didn't have a fever, which most viruses give you) or food poisoning. Food poisoning was a complete match for my symptoms (which I won't share even though since you're still reading you have claimed to have rock-hard sensibilities. No one needs a description of what food poisoning does to you.

I ate nothing all day Sunday and warned the people at Emmanuel that I might bolt for the bathroom with no warning so they should carry on without me....

I could drink liquids (a sip or so at a time) to keep hydrated.

I ate some grits and a soft-boiled egg and an Italian ice on Monday.

Just to show you what a 'hail fellow, well met' I am--if you don't already know--I grilled tuna, corn on the cob and red and yellow peppers on Memorial day for Bern, Mimi and our friend, John...and did it, they said, to perfection though I couldn't take a bite. Mimi eats tuna as rare as it would be if you ran it over a candle for a while, but even she said I got hers right.

So, the toasted ham and cheese for Tuesday lunch was a real break-through. I ate it before I drove Mimi to Fairfield for a dentist appointment. Since she was coming to CT she came to us on Monday.
What joy to have her around. She's extremely comfortable to be with--very low maintenance--but engaging and charming in spurts.

We got to see her engagement ring up close rather than on the Internet and it is gorgeous. Young Tim has real taste.

It's the first Memorial Day in my memory when I didn't eat and drink too much. I was just glad I lived through it....

(I did have left-over tuna and corn for dinner tonight, so things are definitely on the mend....)

I must say this: food poisoning makes you face your frailty and mortality....even long to discover your mortality, like NOW!

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