Wednesday, July 17, 2013

going to see Mimi

Tomorrow, Bern and I are riding the train to see Mimi and Tim in Grand Central Station and then we'll ride the train back to New Haven and drive home. About 40 minutes of driving, 4 hours of riding the train and an hour with Tim and a couple of hours with Mimi all in a train station in New York City.

But we'll be cool....Which is the thing to be tomorrow since it will be the hottest day so far and the days leading up to it have been hot enough.

Mimi and Tim are now engaged. They're talking about a Fall 2014 wedding, which is hard to put on your calendar....

We've seen Mimi since the engagement, but not Tim.

We love them both so much and will be spending the last week of August and beginning of September with them on Oak Island, NC, along with our two friends, John Anderson and Sherry Ellis. It is always up there as the best week of the year.

My prayer for you is that you have family like Mimi and Tim and friends like John and Sherry in your lives.

The older I get (and I'm getting older every day!) the more I ponder 'what's important'. And I'm coming down on the side of family and friends....

Episcopalians, odd to me, often don't have 'thanksgivings' when the prayers of the people come to that. I always whisper, "Bern, Josh, Cathy, Morgan, Emma, Tegan, Mimi and Tim and my friends" under my breath. I think I'll start saying it loud each week. Maybe it will encourage others to ponder what family and friends mean to them....That's what I would hope.

"Pondering" is about the best thing you can do. Just sitting with your thoughts and wondering what it's all about.

I recommend it highly--right up there with giving thanks for family and friends.....

Be well and stay well.....

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