Thursday, July 25, 2013

What I'd like to say....

OK, this is not for general consumption. This is not safe for under-aged kids. This is not your kind and gentle 'post', like most of my posts are.

I'm just pissed off and I don't want to take it anymore!

*Anthony Wiener, besides going to the court house and changing his name, has just got to GO AWAY! Like for always, and give us a break from his X rated life. Really.

*All those states--North Dakota, Texas, Virginia, who knows who else--who have declared war on women and their rights to their bodies have just got to GO AWAY! Like secede from the Union or whatever, but go away, like for always, and give us some money to invite all the women in those states to come to Connecticut.

*All those Republicans in Congress who want to do nothing else than block anything the President wants to do without offering any alternative on Health Care,Infrastructure, Immigration, National Security, the Economy, need the just GO AWAY and let the rest of us do what has to be done to make American work in some more reasonable and fair way.

*ARod, Alex Rodriquez, has to just GO AWAY and let the Yankees be the mid-level team they are.

*So called 'conservative talk show hosts', you know who they are--Rush and Glen and all those folks on Fox and a dozen or so more--just have to GO AWAY and let some semblance of sanity, as lame as it would be, return to the airways.

*Muslims (the non-terrorist types) need to get over the Sunni/Shiite thing and be good Muslims like Christians are good Catholics and good Protestants and almost never blow each other up about the differences they have--which aren't 'that different' to someone looking in from the outside.

Oh, there's lots more I'm pissed off about, but that's a start. More to come, since I don't think I'm going to be less pissed off anytime soon.....

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