Wednesday, July 10, 2013


I love rain, everything about it. I should live in Seattle or Scotland or somewhere where it rains a lot.

Truth is, it rains about as much in Connecticut as it does in Seattle. I looked it up.

Thing is, we folks in New England don't brag much about things--even rain.

Late this afternoon I sat out on the back porch and watched it rain like crazy for almost half-an-hour. The temperature dropped from 78 to 69 while I watched. One reason to love rain.

Of course, as soon as the rain stopped, the heat revved up again, only wetter....

One reason I love to go to the beach in North Carolina is that thunder storms, which happen almost daily, are so astonishing. Lots of black, black clouds and stiff sea breezes and lightening over the ocean and thunder rolling and rolling and rolling.

What's not to like about rain, that what I want to know?

Let it come. Let it pour....

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