Saturday, October 5, 2013

An ultra-liberal for the death penalty

I am, admittedly and proudly, so far to the left politically that, as I tell people, "I sometimes scare myself." I am the Tea Party's worst nightmare. I am left of left. Some Tea Party folks who have a drive time little display (I won't honor it by calling it a protest) in front of Cheshire Town Line have a sign, among others about 'freedom' and 'liberty' and such, that says: "YOU KNOW OBAMA IS A SOCIALIST!"

Oh, I wish.....

I'm not sure I'm a socialist, really, but I lean that way.

But I just read an article on line about a man who kept his German Shepherd tied to a tree for four years. The poor dog, from the photos with the article, was emaciated when rescued--every rib was tight against his coat and his eyes were eyes of despair and suffering.

I am a liberal with a Capital L I B E R A and L. And I would without a moment's hesitation, suggest the death penalty for the man who did that to a dog.

Tomorrow, the Cluster Churches are all celebrating the Feast of St. Francis of Assisi with the blessing of the animals. (The real date is October 4, but this is good enough....)

My dog, just this moment, tried to break into a bedroom we keep locked so he can't break into it. But I simply said, "Leave it!" and he did. The bedroom is about 6 feet from where I'm typing this. And he is a very bad Puli. But I love him with all my soul and he loves me even more than that and how could you tie a creature that loves you more than you could ever love him to a tree for four years?

Dog is God spelled backwards. Cat is Tac spelled backwards, which doesn't work as well, I admit, but there is something about animals that eats at the deepest part of me.

Don't hurt an animal. Ever. If I weren't a carnivore this would be more believable. But I tell you this, if I had to kill the animals I eat, I wouldn't eat them.

Though there is this: since I grew up where people ate the animals they raised and killed them to eat them, I know that they had a strong bond with the chickens and ducks and pigs they raised for food. They did not kill them without honoring them extremely and thanking them for their contribution to their lives. Farmers, I know, don't 'name' animals they will eat. That would make it too personal. But they do honor the animals they eat.

They don't tie them to a tree for four years.

Someone who does that should (and this is a leaning socialist, ultra-liberal, anti-capital punishment guy telling you---should either be tied to a tree for 4 years and starved or killed outright.

Don't mess with animals unless you want to deal with  me.....

I got a hangman's noose for you if  you dishonor or hurt your pets.

Really. When a Liberal like me is willing to kill you, you've done something unforgivable....

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