Sunday, October 13, 2013

The musical preferences of birds

Our Bose radio is right beside Maggie's cage. It is always tuned to the Classical Public Radio Station because Maggie seems to like music better than the talk radio Public Radio Station.

She sings along with Mozart, Bach and Beetoven, and other classical stuff. On Sunday nights there is a show that is rare and alternative music. Maggie is still and silent during all that.

I wonder if she likes it or not.

That's the kind of thing I wonder about and ponder.

Whether our parakeet is enjoying the music or not.

Go figure.

Lots of stuff to ponder and I ponder that. Like I ponder why my spell check didn't catch 'Beetoven', which I'm sure I misspelled. Twice now.

Lots of stuff to ponder.

I just want our bird to be happy....

Who knew that was what life was about?

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