Wednesday, October 2, 2013

healing works

I did a workshop this morning on 'the healing ministry' at Our Lady of Mount Calvary in Farmington about healing: in the gospels and in person.

It was a great and open group. I've done two other workshops there and it has always been a great experience. Sr. Ann and the other Passionists nuns are wondrous. Over the years I've come to believe that some of the best people on the planet are nuns in orders. I told Ann about the Passionists nuns I met in Queens a few months ago at a Making a Difference Workshop I helped lead there. Two of them were from the Philippians and one from Kenya--all young women on fire for Christ (not the Church) and about to set off for far flung ministries (ministering to people who live on a trash dump in South America and folks displaced by war in the Middle East). Amazing what nuns do and stand for and 'be' in the world.

We talked a lot today about the healing stories of the gospel and then, after I did a meditation on the encounter between Jesus and the Canaanite woman in Matthew, we anointed each other and prayed for all our healing. It was a breathless experience. Deeply moving.

Everyone there except me and an Episcopal priest and Deacon from Rhode Island, were Roman Catholic women. I love doing things at Mount Calvary because it demonstrates to me that Roman laypeople (and nuns) aren't weighed down by the Vatican and dogma.

They're great.'

That's good for me to be reminded of, really.

Google Our Lady of Mount Calvary in Farmington. It's a wondrous place and their programs have some real gems, though much of their work is with RC congregations, from time to time there is someone like...well, me...doing something there.

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