Thursday, October 24, 2013

Sweater day, at last

You could have on Wednesday, but it still was a tad warm in the afternoon. But today was The Day--the first of the year SWEATER DAYS in New England. The temperature barely got about 50, so you could (and I did) wore a sweater from wake up to beddy-bye....(Which I haven't done yet, obviously, since I'm writing this and it's 9:50 p.m. no matter what time my blog says it is. My blog is obviously in a much different time zone than I am....)

One of the things I love most about Connecticut (besides the paucity of tornadoes, the total lack of sandstorms, the number of Democrats and having four seasons) is Autumn's Sweater Days....

I love to wear sweaters. At last count I had 5 pairs of pants that I wear (2 Khaki, 2 jeans and 1 funeral blue) but I have a dozen sweaters, 7 of which are various shades of blue. I love sweaters and buy them a size too large because besides loving sweaters, I especially love baggy sweaters. Most of mine are cotton because wool makes my eyes itch, but they are bulky and baggy and mostly blue. I like the feel of them, the bulk of them and, yes, the blueness of them.

One of the things that 'prove you a New Englander if...' (a take off of "You know you're a Red Neck if...") is this: "You know you're a New Englander if you wear a sweater with Bermuda shorts several weeks a year...."

In spite of all the arguments to the contrary (and there are many, beginning with my accent and ending with I've never been to Maine) that makes me a New England kind of guy. Many days in Autumn and Spring, I wear shorts and a sweater.

I also love to wear bulky, baggy cotton socks--mostly blue. But socks are for Winter. I wear sandals from the last frost of spring until the first snow of the year. I simply love wearing sandals. Maybe it is the closest I can get to being bare-foot in mixed company. Another thing that mitigates against my being a true resident of New England is that I'd rather be bare-footed if only I could.

So, many days in the next month, I'll have on a sweater, shorts and sandals.

The reason I can't wear shoes without socks is that the socks I buy are so thick and bulky that I have to have shoes a size too large and if I try to wear them without socks they tend to flop off and make me fall.

But sweaters, that's the ticket. Maybe because my DNA (which I had tested by 23andme) revealed that I have more Neanderthal DNA that 87.5% of the population, so maybe the love of sweaters is remembering the sweater like hair of my long ago relatives. Who know? But I love the sweater days....

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