Sunday, September 20, 2015

Bad day defined

OK, I was two miles down the road to St. Andrew's in Northford when I realized I'd left my coffee at home. The line at the drive through Dunkin' Donuts in Cheshire was long and I kept going, caffeine need growing, until I stopped at one in Hamden and stood in line behind Quinipiak  (sp) students with complicated orders.

Back on the road I knew I'd get there with 15 minutes to spare. When I parked, I went in without my coffee (drat!) to meet a man in a clerical collar named Daniel.

I'd gone to the wrong church! What an idiot.

In my feeble defense, I have been jumping around all summer because supply clergy like Daniel are so hare to find and we're a presbyter short right now. But I was so sure I was supposed to be at St. Andrew's that I left my alb and prayer book there.

Realizing I was supposed to be at Emmanuel, Killingworth, I grabbed my alb and BCP and ran out. I called them before starting to drive and was actually only 12 minutes late by the time I got there and they were amused by it all. (Being a total idiot cuts you some slack!)

Problem was, I suddenly realized I had picked up Daniel's Prayer Book instead of mine, so after the Eucharist I called St. Andrew's to tell him I'd mail it to him tomorrow...reinforcing the total idiot reputation I have....

I wasn't going to write this part--but being a total idiot deserves to be totally exposed--I wore my Snoopy from Peanuts silk Valentine Boxer Shorts because they are large and roomy. When I went to the bathroom after church at Emmanuel, I realized they were so large and roomy I'd put them on backwards and not realized.

So how was your Sunday morning.....?

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