Tuesday, September 29, 2015

on roller skates, no less

My friend, Charles, who is a retired Geology professor and one of the most brilliant people I know, sent me a U-tube link to two German? Dutch? girls, very lovely, roller skating around a huge room with most people at picnic tables but others in rows above, playing accordions, of all things, and singing in some language that sounds vaguely German but could be anything Scandinavian.

First of all: accordions. I had several members of my mother's family who played them--badly or well, I couldn't tell you since the whole instrument is only slightly lower on the "annoying scale" than bag-pipes. Plus they played them in evangelical churches to accompany hymns above bagpipes on the 'annoying scale'.

Second, roller-skates. I've never done them and never will. Weak ankles and all that, but it always seemed to me to be a rather nonsensical way to get around. Like what to do with stairs? I see many roller skaters on the Canal and most of them are middle aged me with too many cushions and huge helmets who go so far from left to right and right to left that you have to get off the path to pass them, especially with a dog. They should have considered treadmills or bridge.

Finally, who goes somewhere to watch this and pays (I'm sure) money for the privilege?  And there were hundreds of people there.

The, after 'finally', I noticed U-Tube had lots of other video of the same two young women, lovely and kind and wonderful I'm sure, singing and playing accordions and roller skating.

Maybe it's a 'thing' somewhere. But not here, where I'm sitting.

And my biggest question is why is this brilliant, scholarly man who knows about 12 times more stuff than I even begin to know, watching U-Tube at all? And if he is watching it, why girls on roller skates playing accordions and singing?

Charles, ever heard of Huffington Post????

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