Tuesday, September 22, 2015

big, big bed

So, what I sometimes say to our dog is this: "want to go to the big bed?" and he runs upstairs before me to jump on our futon.

Well, in a process that took months, we are now the owners of a King sized bed. We've had the frame for months and months, through Amazon, which Bern loves and I hate. Amazon sent, get this, three bed frames and had to come pick up two. God love their little computer minds....

Today we went to Costco--which gives me angina from the moment I go inside--too much of too much of too much 'stuff'. Makes me crazy. But we bought a King sized mattress which took all the energy we had to get upstairs and on the frame. The box it came in had wheels, just to give you some insight into how hard this thing was to move. It was folded into three and took an hour or so to unfold completely on our frame.

But now, our aging dog can't jump up on it. So Bern took the yard long table that was beside my side of the futon and put a rug on it and believes Bela will learn to jump on that and then on the bed. I'm not betting on it.

Getting the mattress home and upstairs made me feel like I've been in a fist fight. The dog isn't he only one getting old!

We spent a good part of yesterday looking for a sectional couch for our TV  room, which is upstairs. When Mimi and Tim and Josh and Cathy and the girls are all here for holidays, there's not enough places to sit in the TV room.

I was awful to shop with. I AM awful to shop with. I hate to shop. Bern knows that but drags me along. And I didn't think anything we looked at would fit in the TV room, but she did. And then I said, "let's make sure whoever delivers it will deliver it to upstairs, cause we'll never get it up there."

She turned and said, "let's go home."

In the car I asked, "are you upset with me." She said 'yes' and after that we just drove to Costco and found the mattress we bought today and muscled upstairs, finally.

I hope the mattress makes her know we could in know way move a sectional sofa upstairs to the TV room. No way.

Our dog isn't the only one of the three of us who are getting older....

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