Friday, September 18, 2015

OK, is this what will rid us of Trump...and do I want to be 'rid' of him

In Donald Trump's question and answer period of a speech in New Hampshire, some questioner said that the problem we have is 'Muslims' and our President is one and not a citizen and there are camps in America training terrorists and what was Trump going to do about that.

The Donald never corrected the man about Obama's citizenship or religion (American and Christian, by the way) because he was the 'birther' of all birthers' a few years ago.

Most Republican candidates and all the Democrats were outraged (not Sen. Cruz, by the way, who is riding Donald's coat tails, it seems).

So maybe this is the moment so many have been waiting for--the demise of Donald!

I'm not sure.

In a recent poll, 46% of Republicans had some lingering doubt about Obama's religion and birth place. 46 friggin %!!!!!

So, why would Trump alienate almost half of the Republican Party?

The reason I'm not sure I want to be 'rid' of him is this: If he, beyond all rationality, actually got the nomination, it would mean 4 more years of some Democrat in the White House. In a general election campaign he would implode in so many ways, not matter if Bernie or Hillary or Joe was his opponent.

So, why would I want this to take him down? My dream is Trump vs. Bernie Sanders. A socialist in the White House is what I long for. That pairing would make it so.

Lordy, Lordy, this election cycle is going to be so much fun.....Really.....

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