Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Going to Baltimore

Tomorrow Bern and I are going to Baltimore to see Josh, Cathy and the Bradley girls. Then, Saturday morning Mimi, Tim and Eleanor are coming down. Our little tribe.  So we'll spend the day with them and come home Saturday evening so I can do Lent I at St. James, Higganum.

Valentine's Day and Ash Wednesday--an odd combination.

These books I'm reading about the Ojibwa People gave me real material for my homily tonight. What Paul wrote in the 2 Corinthians (I know it's 'Second Corinthians', I'm not the President! Thank God for that. I'd make a mess of it but a much different mess that the current one) and what Jesus says in the Gospel for Ash Wednesday from Matthew, match up wondrously with Ojubwa wisdom.

Love is stronger than fear. What you do in secret is more powerful than what you do in public. Sharing is better than 'having'. Compassion and being in touch with the Great Mystery/God is what truly matters.

After I finish Krueger's books I may make a study of Native American Spirituality. What he says about it resonates powerfully with me--and Paul, and Matthew.

See you here in a few days.

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