Friday, February 2, 2018

Sort of stuck

Seems to me that I mostly write these days about the weather, my dog (who still declines) and President what's his name.

So, I need to lighten up some and write about something that doesn't annoy or depress or anger me.

So, what about eating?

Bern and I take turns cooking dinner. We never eat breakfast or lunch together but we always eat dinner with each other. I like the rhythm of taking turns. I made pasta sauce yesterday with crushed tomatoes, tomato paste, onions, mushrooms and Italian sausage over three-cheese ravioli with broiled bread and butter.

Tonight she baked a chicken on top of onions. celery, peppers and carrots with broccoli and scalloped potatoes.

We eat a lot of fish of many kinds--salmon and cod are the favorites but only sock-eyed salmon and wild caught cod.

We do salad a lot.

We seldom eat dessert but Bern is on an ice-cream kick now.

She has eating kicks--now it is banana bread with chocolate and ice cream. And Cheerios out of the box. She goes through stuff like that until she doesn't any more. I don't know the last time she ate a sandwich--except for unsalted peanut butter and dill pickles on sour dough and open-faced. My mother used to take those to school for lunch except she used plain white bread. I've never tried it.

Well, I now see this isn't nearly as interesting as the weather, poor Bela and politics.

Sorry to bore you!!!

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