Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Guns don't kill people, teachers kill people

One of President HWWNBN's (he who will not be named) suggestions about ending school shootings is to arm teachers with concealed weapons.

Am I crazy, or is having more guns better than having fewer guns?

Teachers are great people, but even great people with a gun are dangerous because, listen, THEY HAVE A GUN AND GUNS ARE DANGEROUS.....

Kurt Vonnegut once said, in a speech he gave in Pittsburgh, that "I'd rather be the poor, doomed SOB who had a nuclear bomb dropped on them than the mean, evil SOB who dropped it."

(He ended that speech in mid-sentence by saying, "they paid me for an hour and it's up" and left the stage. A man who knew the value of his words and his time.)

I know I am on the margins of the gun debate. I'd let bird hunters keep their shotguns and deer hunters their rifles. But I'd come to every house in the country and take away all the rest of your guns.

However, I don't think I'm crazy to say arming teachers is not a reasoned and rational way to deal with the issue of school shootings.

One more gun doesn't solve the problem. One less gun is a beginning to solving the problem.

Am I just nuts to think that 'guns' DO REALLY kill people?

How many people could that kid in Florida have killed with sticks and stones?

Give me a break here. Guns, like the one he had, belong in the army not in the population. He bought it 'legally' though he isn't old enough to vote or have a beer. Does that make sense?

In Florida, he wasn't old enough to buy a hand gun but WAS old enough to by a weapon of mass destruction.

Sit still. Wait a minute.

Does that make any sense at all????

Does the way the US deals with guns make any sense at all????

Just pondering the whole thing, I think we are guns that have a nation rather than a nation that has guns....

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