Monday, February 5, 2018

There is a god of football

There is a god of football and he/she smiled on the Eagles!

The last play of the Super Bowl (LII, by the way, I like the Roman numerals) could have been one more brick in the unbreachable wall of Tom Brady's greatness. And if Gronkowski had caught the pass I would have had one more reason to hate the New England Patriots.

But the football god was gracious and the ball fell uncaught in the end zone and all was right with the world.

I really don't understand why I hate the Patriots so much. It may be that it's because so many people around here love them so much. I can be contrary like that. I think of myself as an outsider and that may be behind my loathing.

I've hated them for years and what has that gotten me? Heart=break after heart-break, that's what.

So now that the Eagles have won I don't have to hold on to my hatred. The football god has smiled on me as well! And, about time!!!

One thing my hatred of a football team has shown me is how it is that for much of my life people have hated my favorite baseball team, the Yankees.

Winning is good for the soul, but too much winning breeds contempt.

(By the way, after a hiatus of some years, the Yankee hatred is coming back. And for good reason, I'd say. They look ready to win too much again....Yea!)

However, I just learned Tom Brady left the field without congratulating Nick Foles, the Eagle quarterback and Bill Belechek (sp) won't explain why he benched Butler--a defensive  back who played 98% of the defensive plays this year. Cracks in the wall? Maybe I'll hate them a little longer....

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