Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Bruce's ashes

Bruce was a construction worker who had a few falls that left him in comas.

When I first met him he came to the Soup Kitchen at St. John's. He was a wonderful and nice guy down on his luck.

He told me about his comas and the dreams he had in them and how it had left him confused and

Yet he got himself together and started working again, just not high up. And was a regular in church.

Then he met Mary.

They were soul-mates, a match made in heaven. Both were wounded and they healed each other. I counseled them and did their marriage.

One of the Sundays they were there I interred the ashes of Elsie Flink, 103, outside the Angel window of St. John's. Mary told me she wanted her ashes there when she died.

She drowned on their honeymoon in three feet of water because he life-vest (so called) hooked on a rock and held her under.

After Bruce carried her ashes around in his car for several months, I interred them where she wanted though it wasn't where we put most of the ashes.

Now, Saturday, I'll put Bruce's ashes as next to  hers as I can remember where it was.

He was found dead in his apartment weeks ago. Since he was only 62 there was an autopsy and his family have finally got around to the service.

Bruce and Mary--star-crossed lovers if ever there were. Lovely, both of them, and Saturday they will be together again.

At last.

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